You Focused in Technique (UFIT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was established in 2007 and incorporated in 2011.  UFIT quickly became the only and fastest growing non-traditional cheerleading & dance camp company in the southeastern region.  UFIT is the only training company that specializes in the non-traditional style of “stomp-n-shake” cheerleading. UFIT focuses on providing exposure to stomp-n-shake cheerleading squads by hosting a wide variety of training camps/clinics throughout the year as well as specialized competitions. 


Our Mission

UFIT’s mission is to train cheerleader athletes to the highest level possible by providing an atmosphere that is safe and teaches athletes about the importance of nutrition, physical perseverance, emotional stability, academic excellence, and living a healthy lifestyle. 


The History of Stomp-N-Shake

The history of “Stomp-N-Shake” dates back to the early 1940’s and was created by two neighboring states; one being right here in North Carolina and the other Virginia. 

“Stomp-N-Shake” cheerleading incorporates traditional motions that are clean and sharp, which showcase a team’s ability, skill, & technique.  The Stomp-N-Shake style then comes into play comprising of several added key ingredients: rhythmic words, use of beats made by stomping, clapping, & snapping, a variety of head motions, hip hop & jazz dance, stunts, tumbling, big, sharp, and precise arm motions, constant movement changes in formation, tone, and facial expressions.

Stomp-N-Shake cheerleading routines tell a story about time, place, or thing. It allows the crowd to understand and witness what teams are capable of and how their particular style is done. The awesome thing about Stomp-N-Shake is that there is no one set style; there are a variety of styles in this field of cheerleading.   Crowds across the nation in particular, the southeast, love to see teams perform the Stomp-N-Shake style. This style is known to be performed by amateur leagues, middle & high schools, and collegiate teams.  The Stomp-N-Shake style leads the world of cheerleading in crowd participation and creative-cultural entertainment. 


Coach Joevanne Estrada

Coach Regan-Janell Hales

Coach Regan-Janell Hales

Joevanne Estrada, co-founder of UFIT, is no stranger to the world of cheerleading. She has over 15 years of experience in coaching, operating and managing a top collegiate spirit program, and developed while directing a host of summer camp programs in the south east. 

Coach Estrada serves as the business operations director for UFIT managing and overseeing the companies’ compliance standards/policies, employees, clients, sponsorships, and account contracts. Coach Estrada strives to assist programs in developing highly competitive athletes and spirit programs. 

Coach Estrada resides in Charlotte, N.C. where she has continued her career in higher education and is currently completing here doctorate in Leadership from Morgan State University. ​


Coach Regan-Janell Hales

Coach Regan-Janell Hales

Coach Regan-Janell Hales

Regan-Janell Hales is a co-founder of UFIT Cheer and Dance Training Camp Company. As the Event Coordinator and Chief of Cheer Operations, she oversees all cheerleading logistics for cheerleading training camps and all events produced by UFIT. 

A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, and now residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Coach Regan is a seasoned veteran whose cheer leading career began in 1997. Her expertise is centered on developing top team/individual hybrid cheerleading choreographed routines, as well as training athletes through strengthening, conditioning, technique, and skill development. 

Over the span of 17 years of cheerleading experience and 8 years of coaching in the team camp industry, Coach Regan's training technique and knowledge of the sport are well equipped to work with versatile groups and teams of various styles which will develop a well-rounded athlete.

Coach Regan is CNS certified to assist clients in gaining knowledge of healthy eating and nutrition for all sports athletes.

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